Canal and Narrow Boat Shells
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In 1999 as a partial diversification a prototype 50 foot traditional narrow boat shell was commissioned. This shell proved very popular and resulted in repeat orders and the continual production of narrow boats.


Check out our gallery which includes a wide selection of recently completed boats.

Price Fallows Steel Fabricators in the west midlands and across the UK
Experienced Steel Fabricators and Boat Builders offering exceptional quality & value
Price Fallows Steel Fabricators in the west midlands and across the UK
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Price Fallows Quaily and Flexability in design and build


  • Only Prime 43 A BSEN 10025 S275 Steel used

  • All Steel stored undercover

  • First class workmanship

  • All below waterline weld is ultra violet tested

  • Long plates

    • Base 10mm single piece

    • Hull Sides 6mm single piece

    • Cabin Sides 5mm single piece

    • Cabin Roof 4mm single piece


  • Shell

  • Sail-away

  • Sail-away and lined

We aim to meet if not beat all deadlines and delivery dates


We accommodate periodic visits to our Shrewsbury Factory so you can enjoy the journey from design and fabrication to the waterways.



Example 57' 0" Cruiser Specification Sheet here

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From our modern 28,000 sq ft facility based in Shropsire.

Three bays each with:

10 Ton Lifting Capacity

6m Hook Height

488 x 610cm Access




If you would like to own a brand new narrow boat contact us to find out more information about or hulls and narrow boat shells. Custom built so you can be part of Britains long canal history




Since 1999 we have proudly taken our place amongst the UKs finist boat builders using our large fabricating facility to add cutting edge technology to the manufacturing process

Narrow Boat Bilders



Established in 1966, Price Fallows continues to offer an exceptional service in Steel Fabrication throughout the West Midlands and the UK. in 1999 our first Narrow boat shell was produced.