Fabrication to Custom Design

with over

28,000 Square Feet

of Combined Facilities


  Three bays each with:

10 Ton Lifting Capacity

6m Hook Height

488 x 610cm Access


  • Mild Steel Sheet up to 150mm thick, Grades S275, S355.


  • Checker plate up to 12mm thick.


  • Galvanized Sheet up to 4mm thick.


  • Various Beams and Columns up to 254 x 254.

    • (Various – Rectangular, Square & Circular Hollow Sections; Rolled Steel Angle; Parallel Flange Channel; Flats; Square & Round Bars).

Re-Bar & Fabric Cut & Bent


  For Bar                                                     

High Tensile and Plain Standard Lengths

Non Standard Lengths

Cutting & Bending

Scheduled Straights


  For Fabric                                                 

Welded Fabric


Small & Large Quantities


  For Gabion Baskets                                  

1000x1000x1000, or 1000x1000x500


  For Accessories etc                                   

Spacers • Tying Wire • Mesh Supports • High Chairs • Expansion Dowels • Conical Bolts • Boxes • Adjustable Chairs 

  High Definition CNC Plasma Cutter            

8m x 2m Table

Max cutting thickness: 50mm


  Power Press                                             

250 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake

150 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake



Shearing capability up to 3m x 12mm Steel Sheets


  Plate Rolling                                             

Plate bending rolls up to 2m x 25mm


  Drilling & Tapping                                     

Drill facilities up to 75mm diameter



Mig Weld up to 450 AMPS

Arc & Tig Weld


  Finishing Services                                     

Galvanising and Painting


  Tube Bending                                           

Up to 76.1 diameter